Wolves On The Prowl Newsletter

September 20, 2016 

Dear parents of 4th and 5th graders,

       This letter is to introduce you to Wolves on the Prowl and tell you about the program.  This is our sixth year running the program and our experiences to date have been terrific. Wolves on the Prowl is a voluntary after-school outing club; students volunteer to participate and OQS teachers volunteer to lead. We welcome and need parent volunteers as well!  This year, Wolves will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (except Nov, Dec, Feb). We are planning on doing more away-from-school activities this year, so most days we will meet from 2:55-5:30. On days where we are in the OQS woods, pick up will be at 4:30 pm. Wolves will not meet when school is canceled due to weather.  In the event that hazardous weather develops during the day, we may cancel Wolves and will email all parents. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, October 12th, here at the school.

Activities we intend to do this year: lots of hikes, including Gile, Hurricane Forest, Mt. Tom and Cardigan Mountain. We are also planning on doing some trail maintenance here at OQS, some low-ropes team building activities, rock climbing at the GMRCC in Taftsville and Cross Country Skiing at the Woodstock Inn Nordic Center.

Experience has taught us that in order to make this program successful for students and teachers, we need established ground rules to ensure safety (we must know where students are at all times), commitment, responsibility, and a progression of knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes about the outdoors. This year, we are setting expectations for each student, including having a positive attitude, being prepared, being kind and trying their hardest. Students that do not consistently display these expectations will be asked to leave the program. We are also asking parents to take part of this responsibility themselves; help your child come ready to each activity, volunteer for one or more dates and pick-up your child at the expected time. The pick-up time is important, as the teachers are volunteering their time and have other obligations outside of Wolves. A 5-minute grace period for pick-up is fine, but if you are arriving at the school after that grace-period, you will receive a strike. Two strikes for late pick-up means that your child will no longer be able to participate. We hate to do this, but in the past we’ve had pick-ups 15 or 30 minutes late, which we want to avoid.

We are asking that each Wolf pup donate $20 to help cover some of the costs, such as food, materials and trips. Please send this in when you return this sign-up sheet. Don’t let the money deter your child from participation, speak with Mr. McGee if this is an issue.

We are very enthusiastic about the coming year. Do not hesitate to contact Mr. McGee with questions. Calendars with activities and dates will go home as soon as we have confirmation from the bus garage that they can supply buses.

This year, we are limiting WotP to 30 students. Please return the form to Mr. McGee ASAP to help ensure your child gets a spot in Wolves this year.