June 13, 2024

Holiday Travel

Hello Hartford Students and Parents!

As we approach the upcoming holiday break, we wanted to thank everyone for their vigilance for the first part of the school year.  We also wanted to remind people of the current restrictions the Governor of Vermont has in place:

  • Non-essential travel outside of Vermont and social gatherings with people who do not live in the same house as you are currently prohibited.

    • Essential = Exempt From Quarantine:  ex. grocery shopping, picking up medication or other essential items, healthcare visits, schooling, work, non-custodial parental visits, providing needed care to another.  Only the person who needs to travel for these reasons is exempt from quarantine.  Children should not accompany adults unless there is no alternative.

    • Non-Essential = Must Quarantine: ex. shopping for non-essential items (clothing, gifts, etc), hair cuts/salon or spa visits, sports/recreation, gyms/fitness, faith services.

    • Such things as holiday parties, caroling, group activities, dinner with family or friends that don't live with you, sleepovers, and play date are not allowed.

  •  If you still choose to travel or gather with others, you must follow the state's quarantine guidelines.  

Thank you and have a wonderful break and Happy New Year!  

Tom DeBalsi